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Default 92-94 era Jungle track


This ones goes farther back. It's 160 bpm, which is way way nicer than 170. Once again Reaper was very intuitive to use and editing a breeze. A 90's Yamaha psr-190 was used for the strings and piano, and the cassette deck was Technics - TR155.

"A new 92-94' era Hardcore Jungle tune. A lot of tracks from that style and time were short with a lot of switch-ups, and often were dense, high-energy runnin' tunes. There were a lot of terrible tracks from that time, but also some gems which I totally loved. This is in that style, with analog instrumentation and heavy runnin' edited drums but no wailing diva vocals or cliché samples, and recorded through a cassette deck onto tape to give it a rugged sound."

Another old style jungle tune made recently some people here liked:
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That's rather lovely. Was it low-fi-ized by just recording the whole mixdown to a cassette?
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Yeah, really high energy. I love it! And the tape hiss... haha
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Thanks! Glad you guys like it

Recording onto a tape really glues it together and gives it that lo-fi crunch. It is a Japanese made deck from 1989, more middle of the road.

Last tune I ran straight through a Sony TC-WR710 cassette deck, a hi-fi Japanese made one also from 1989, but not onto a tape since I got to replace the belt inside. It made it sound way better.

From testing it out I can tell that recording it to tape makes a big difference.

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this is fun
nice work
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