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Default Cymatic Audio LR-16 - Opinions ???

so ...

I sent my Phonic Firefly for repair / money return .

anyone here using this ;



but no XLR / mic inputs ??? ... do I need an external / outboard mixer of some kind ???

what are your opinions ... ???

zergei W
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It is what it is - a very cheap 16-in, 2-out 96kHz ADDA box that needs a mixer and uses the inserts on a mixer.

Friends of mine use them and are very satisfied.

But yes, of course you need a mixer to feed it and it works best with a fast USP harddisk. It will only be as good as the desk you use to feed it!
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I have one for live recording use only. It works great for that purpose with zero complaints. I love not having to haul a bunch of extra equipment for that... just connect via the inserts of your live mixer, press record and voila. (I also use a separate mixer for stereo room mics that I wire into it as well). I have recorded several clients this way with excellent results. I use the same hard drive with it as I do in the studio and bring it home and import the files into reaper (leaving them on the hard drive). Is very efficient this way. I use a usb 3 Lacie Porsche HD btw.

Biggest downside to it is you cannot use it as an interface with Reaper, at least not 6 months ago when I last tried (needed to quick record something while on the road in my hotel, I use a different interface in my actual studio). Works flawlessly with little effort as an interface with Studio One though. Reaper never recognized it or wouldn't recognize the inputs or something to that effect (was too long ago to remember exactly). Tried for about an hour, gave up. Tried it with Studio One to be sure it wasn't the unit or drivers and it worked first time no issues.
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