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Default Adding h.264 codec?

Hi all,

Can't seem to find a clear answer to this. How do I add an h.264 codec for rendering videos out of reaper.

I'm using VLC, with an output format of Video (ffmpeg/libav encoder). In my current settings, the only Video codec setting I can select is MJPEG, and the quality is not so great.

Apologies if I'm missing something obvious. Thanks very much for any help.
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Have a look at this thread:

You need to install (making Reaper 'see') ffmpeg for being able to export to h.264 (and others) I think.

Reaper comes with a basic ffmpeg variant but it hasn't all the export options of the 'full' version linked there afaik.

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Thanks for the reply. The ffmpeg build link in that thread is dead, but I was able to find it, and install the dll files as needed.

Now I'm able to select H.264 as a video codec when I render.

However, when I do so, I get no audio in my render. The available audio codecs are AAC, MP3, 16 bit PCM (which I used to use), 24 bit PCM, and 32 bit FP.

I've tried all of them, and none of them works.

Anyone have thoughts on what I could try next?

For reference I'm using:
Output format: Video(ffmpeg/libav encoder) > Format: QT/MOV/MP4 > Video codec H.264

Many thanks!
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Page 422 of the current Reaper user guide explains how to do this in detail, just in case you missed a step or downloaded the incorrect version of FFMPEG.

I just looked at that thread which you'd been linked to. I notice the directory to add the DLLs is incorrect (for Windows). So you'll want to remove them and follow the instructions in the user guide instead.
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