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Originally Posted by Mr. Green View Post
That seems very odd to me, especially given that the majority of these controllers are *literally* MIDI devices.

Do you know of any way its controls can be intercepted for remapping within Reaper?

And honestly, the reason I am asking is because there is already a fantastic MIDI to FXParameter linking system (LBX Smart Knobs) available NOW in Reaper - complete with an easy to use, polished GUI, and a simple, on-the-fly way to link parameters and keep them saved for global use. It reminds me a bit of Studio One's implementation of that, which is a good thing.

What it DOESN'T do, however, is offer the means of creating complex user layouts, design, and customization of the hardware itself - which is the crowning achievement here at the CSI project.

It's like you each have managed to cover opposite sides of an equally challenging spectrum (well, maybe not totally "equally", but you get my point).

...and it's KILLING me that the two are unable to communicate with each other! :-(
Well, that IS the problem, they are Midi devices.

Recall that using the Midi protocol for surface control is a bastardization, it is reworked to mean different things -- for instance it is folly to talk about surface control using names like cc, it's 0x90, just a control number.

Likewise midi channels aren't midi channels, just control numbers.

Now 0x90 happens to be note on.

It also happens to be the most used number for buttons.

So, unless you were very lucky, pressing buttons will causes instruments to play, and playing interments will change the control surface -- YIKES

If you don't use ANY midi instruments you might get way with it, try it, can't break anything...
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