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Default Why I quit using Reaper

I started using Reaper because I liked the idea of working without dongle (cubase user) and I tried to live with R's imperfections... but it's too painful to write music in R, sorry. There are too many mistakes in the software, too many options, I think they should restart it from scratch. Sorry if I sound rude.

Here are the things that drove me crazy about R.

- Snap settings. Seriously, there are like 30 checkboxes in this window, and good luck if you can figure out what they all mean !

-Different snap/grid settings for both Arrange view and, sometimes, for EVERY SINGLE MIDI ITEM. Weird and time consuming
to always fixing note snap values ! ONE setting for all the software please, like every other DAW !!

-Cycle recording it's unusable, bad to look at and clunky.

-Recording different takes it's counter-intuitive. The software should help the user work in an intuitive way. Why do I always have to fix non-precise take endings and cut them ?

-Right clicking.... seriously ? Why in the world ? Just to be different ?

-The PLUGINS / FXs window. Oh my god, what an endless list of stuff. They made it even longer now by adding categories . Instead of making things easier, they Complicate it with every update.

-The included Plugins, most of them they didn’t even bother to design a GUI.
The Reaper Delay plugin tells you a ‘tempo multiplier’ that you have to calculate manually…
In a 2017 software, no thanks, unacceptable.

-The CLICK sound, so annoying, yes I know I can change its frequency,still, it sounds WEIRD. Plus, by default, the HIGHEST PITCH NOTE should be the 1st Beat!

-The Menus. The infinite amount of Menus / Options / Checkboxes. Also, I want to MAKE MUSIC, I don’t want to Re-Program the software with Scripts so that it can make things
that Other DAWS made easily on a Windows 95 machine…..

ON THE OTHER HAND, Here's where Reaper EXCELS in my opinion :

-Multitrack recording (no takes, one go).
It works really well and audio is easy to cut.

-FXs ROUTING . If you can imagine it, you can route it in Reaper. That's good for creative FXs use.

-Audio warp / WAV tempo manipulation

-Probably Sound Design because you can route so many FXs / SENDS

Feel free to hate on me. I gave R a shot, but it always feels like an incomplete piece of software.
Props to the Devs for their work so far, but... to me there are better options out there. Sorry.
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