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Default Selected tracks inconsitencies and thoughts

For greater consistency, I think the following actions should affect all selected tracks.

1. Setting pan law by right clicking TCP pan fader.
2. Selecting recording source.
3. Changing monitoring settings (via context menu)
4. Dragging to create sends.

Additionally I think that ideally, dialogs like envelopes and i/o settings should work like the new media item properties dialog ie. only show settings common to all selected tracks and make it clear that you're setting properties for multiple tracks.

I'll admit that my thoughts on this are a little sketchy but it seems that if there are multiple tracks selected then as many actions as possible should affect all the selected tracks.

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Absolutely. Another one is changing the pan's stereo mode.

Btw, creating multiple sends to a single destination works when you hold shift while dragging. I always thought this could be done without modifier, as it is what I'd expect to happen anyway when multiple tracks are selected.
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I very much agree on all points!
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+ The ability to edit all selected tracks.

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All commands that affect tracks should affect all selected tracks.
All commands that affect items should affect all selected items.

Maybe there are some reasonable exceptions, but I think that should be the norm...
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