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Default Merge multiple midi items into one item?

Hi all,

I've spent a good while scouring the Internet and trying things out myself, and looking through the manual. I'm sure someone will have a quick answer, so here we go.

I have 6 tracks of midi data. I want to select all 6 midi items (there's one on each track) and just merge them as one, new, editable midi item.

I've tried glue, group, I've tried dropping them onto each on a new tracks, I've tried selecting them all and doing item processing-implode... but nothing seems to just merge all 6 into 1.

I don't want to layer them over the top of each other, I want them combined. For some reason I don't want to manually select all notes in piano roll for each track, copy and paste them into a new 'merged' item. There must be a smarter way to do it surely? As I might be needing to do this quite a bit.

(as a side note, why is it that when multiple midi items are placed on top of each other, and aren't merged, only one of the items plays?)

Many thanks, Reaper newbie here - transitioning away from 32bit Acid :/
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