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Default Horizontal Constraint - Missing mouse modifier

Horizontal Constraint - Missing mouse modifier
Currently we have no way of copying a media item and moving it on the horizontal axis only with the mouse modifiers.
I will share a screenshot from the last project i was working on:

There is a lot of copy pasting involved in some workflows for making music and it is a major slowdown to not have a constraint for it.

Mouse Modifiers ---> Media Item ---> left drag does have a mouse modifier for copying an item and moving it vertically, but not horizontally.

Why not use the lock toggle?
The lock toggle requires the user to eyeball a very specific part of the GUI away from the context they are in the arrange view to see if the toggle is engaged or not. Considering the number of times the user has to copy paste media items horizontally doing this with the locking panel is very slow and distrupting.

As such it is a good idea to have a horizontal constraint modifier, and some things in REAPER do have it!
Envelope points can do this with the following:
Mouse Modifiers ---> Envelope point ---> left drag ---> Move envelope point ---> Move envelope on one axis only

MIDI notes can do this with:
Mouse Modifiers ---> MIDI note ---> let drag ---> Move note ---> In one direction only

Media items should have this mouse modifier as well!

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