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Default Editing Midi files for Organ usage


I have a project to work on where I have to manage midi files for a Viscount "Prestige I" Organ that comes with midi player (both floppy and Smart Media device) for playing the midi songs.

I have to edit those midi files accomplising at least these tasks:
- raise the volume or level of some songs when playing on the organ as I noticed that some midi songs play louder than others.
- activate (in those songs where it is not present) the "TABS MIDI A/B" introducing the codes MIDI SISEX which enable those TABS for letting the organ reproduce the song via the pipes and not the amplifier.
I do not know how to do so and if this is possible via the software.
I was told to ask people who know how to manage midi files via software.

Can Reaper do these things? If so, where to learn how to raise the volume of those midi files so that the organ would play them at louder volume?

Can I manage these codes MIDI SISEX? Where can I learn about and how to add/remove those codes and several others?

Is this the right software for working on midi files for specific organ tasks or is there something else I shoudl consider using?
So far for playing those midi fiels I use Free software like Vanbasco player e Avil Studio. It would not be bad if I coudl find a Free or OpenSource solution.

Thank you,
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