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Default Plugins not available in 6.01, but are in 5.99

Does anyone have this issue - In version 6.01 my Waves plugins are not available, but they are in version 5.99. I have the VST paths configured the same in both versions. I have read to delete and add Wave Central and such, but that seems like a horrible resolution. Any other ideas would be appreciated.

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I had a similar problem. I did a portable install of Reaper 6.01.
At the first startup, I ran into the following error:

VST scanning error + note

Plugin "<name>" executed invalid operation during scanning.

Note: if REAPER crashes as a result of this, simply run it again and it will continue on the next plugin.

Consequently, the respective plugin was not available.

"Clear cache/re-scan" in Preferences->Vst fixed this.
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Since installing V.6 Reaper has been failing to load a lot of my plugins. Mostly 64bit versions, but not only 64bit versions. Some of its favorites to fail are Soundtoys Primal Tap, and Little Plate, as well as Valhalla Classic Reverb which are, unfortunately, some of my favorites too. In some cases a rescan has brought them back, in other cases I have had to reinstall, and in a couple of cases, I have yet to be able to get Reaper to see the plugin again. I tried a Roll Back to V.5.99 and it didn't help. Last night I uninstalled, reinstalled, and had to re-enter all the VST paths to get them back. I think most of them are back, but I won't really know until I get a "It's Gone" message.
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