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Default Nanokontrol 2 + Mac = Delay?

Hi all!
I am a Reaper user from Brazil and I use the software since 2008. Sweet!
Well, all my Reaper usage so far had been with Windows PCs and now I switched to Mac.
I now work with dubbing (voice replacement) and no software could be better for that than Reaper. It supports video and with a Korg NanoKontrol I am superfast!

The issue is after switching to Mac some problems appeared...
No Klinke option for NanoKontrol, but I am ok with that! Using Mackie Control (v 2,2) and a few tweaks I am ready to go!

The point is that sometimes, out of nowhere (I assume that) the NanoKontrol seem to have a annoying delay. I press REC for exemple and it takes some miliseconds more than normal to respond. I emphasize that it is intermittent; so it happens sometimes and soon it goes back to normal... Any ideas of what may be causing that?

I am using a Blue Yeti Microphone and processing the signal through it, but it`s the same set I was using at Windows and no problem.

Getting my really annoyed!

Thanks in advance!
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