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Default Can I have Reaper remember my Knob Assignments when I select a plugin?

Can I have Reaper remember my Knob Assignments when I select/load an instance of that plugin?

So that every time I select or load or choose that plugin, my midi controller knobs are ready and set for it.

This would save so much time. Thank you in advance for any future help.
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I don't think you can.

But, you can save track templates, so depending on what FX you want that for, this might be useful. me, I have a track template for every instrument, comes with icons on it and already named and set to proper record input. really makes things easier.

If it's for EQ, what also might not be a bad idea, which i might do now that i think of it, is to have an EQ on every instrument track template as well, which could be pre-mapped to knobs on your track.

if it's for compressors or something though, i think you're shit out of luck, cause that's something you'd only really add to a pre-existing track.

track templates can even be folders with children.
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Many plug-ins have a MIDI "learn" feature which will allow you to set them up to listen to your controls. At least with the ones I've used they have saved the MIDI settings.

Setting this up will seem easy at first until you start using the same knob for two or more plug-ins. At that point you'll have to set up your gear to switch MIDI channels for the device you want to control. If you don't do this then turning a knob may activate more than one on-screen control.

It would be like having 5 MIDI tracks set to Omni. They all play whatever signal comes down the pipe. Same issue with control.
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To save learned plugin parameters as default for a plugin (so the plugin has pre-learned controllers when you insert it), do all the assingments (via learn) and then from the plugin's gui:

Controller assignments are also saved with FX chains as well as track templates.

To use same controller messages for multiple plugins without controlling all of them at once when you turn a knob, one of these two settings in the parameter learn dialog can be used:

Which one you choose depends on the purpose. If two plugins with shared CC messages are on the same track you need to use the "when effect configuration is focused" setting. It means the plugin gui must be in focus to make the controller move the plugin parameter.
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