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Default ASIO4ALL crackling problem with Realtek

Since I have made a fresh Windows XP installation on my PC, I get an annoying crackling sound from Reaper that I didn't have before when I was using Windows 7. This crackling happens when I get the ASIO4ALL buffer down to 512 samples, however if I increase the buffer I get an annoying latency when I play from my MIDI keyboard any VSTi. When I was on Windows 7, I never had to touch any ASIO4ALL settings as everything was working smoothly. Can someone give me some clues on the origin of this problem and especially clues on how to tackle it?

My configuration is as follows:
CPU: Intel Quad Core
RAM: 4GB (only 3GB recognized by Win XP 32bit)
SoundCard: RealTek HD Audio (with it's driver provided from the CD)
OS: Windows XP SP2
ASIO driver: ASIO4ALL 2.10
DAW: Reaper 3.74

Thanks in advance for your response.
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