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Default Render: silently increment filenames + save prj leads to unrelate names

Hi group.
When rendering project sometimes I find useful to keep both the resulting mp3 and the related RPP.

In the "Render to File" dialog windows I check "Silently increment filenames to avoid overwriting"and "Save copy of project to outfile.wav.RPP"

Let's call the project mysong.RPP and suppose I have already a previous render mysong.mp3 alongwith the pertaining mysong.mp3.RPP in the output directory.

When I run a new render, in the render directory then I find:
- mysong.mp3 (the previous render)
- mysong-001.mp3 (the current last render)
- mysong.mp3.RPP (the project copy pertaining to mysong-001.mp3, current last render, that overwrote the previous saved version of the project).

Every further run of render creates a new mp3 with number in filenames incremented as expected, while the project is always saved as mysong.mp3.RPP, so that copy of project pertaining to previous render are overwritten, only the last is left).

Is this the intended behavoir?
I wish instead, when checking "Save copy of project to outfile.wav.RPP" having the projects saved with incremented file name alongwith the respective renders, without overwriting previous copy, i.e. if I render to mysong-00n.mp3 I wish to have mysong-00n.mp3.RPP whatever n is. Are you aware of a tweak to accomplish this task?

I'm using Reaper v5.984/64 on osX.

Thanks for the attention.
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