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Default item moved from tempocurved location snaps to grid incorrectly

1- create a gradual tempo change. mine is particularly weird above cuz i needed to make a rallentando (and yes, i had to look that up)

2- set your snap to some obvious grid value - i chose 1/4

3- move your item. NOTE- snaps to 1/4 notes as expected.

4- shift-slide your item offgrid and into the tempo change space. drop it somewhere mid-grid.

5- release shift and move your item back to A tempo.

ISSUE: the item still snaps to 1/4 grid, but not the item start. note the weird offset in the gif above.
° using REAPER as host/arranger/sequencer to write instrumental beat music.
° striving for a loop-based, controller-centric midi recording/editing workflow.
° wishing noteoffs could extend beyond item end (dangle)
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