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Question Is it possible to have different color on named notes?

Hello! I’m new here so I hope this is the right way to post.

I’m working with Ezdrummer and other drums vsts and I just wonder if you can change color on the “named notes” view just as I can change the name field on the note.

I would like to have the same colors on the same group of instruments. All kicks will have blue color, all snare will have yellow color and so on. By this way I would easier see where all the groups are for editing instead of look at the text field.
So the text field midi note 63, 68, 90 have the same color and text filed midi note 23, 56 and 100 have the same color.

Does this make any sense? Is it possible?
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Yes, not directly

Possible workarounds:
(a) change the MIDI channel of the Snares / Toms etc and use the "Channel" choice for the colour (if that's still works with your drum VSTi)

(b) enable, the Option "Show overlapping items in lanes", split the notes into separate clips, colour them and use the "Media Item" choice for the colour:

... Big pic: https://i.imgur.com/hxeMte4.png
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David Perry
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He can also have Reaper explode them into separate items/takes based on the note (a different item for each kit piece) if he wants to do the second option and he already has the drum parts all on the same take.
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Thank you! Will check it out!
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Is there a way to set keys on the piano roll to a certain channel rather than individually setting each note?

This is easier for me to describe with a scenario...
Lets say I want all the notes related to my hi-hats (there are about 10 of them) to be on Channel 2. I know that after putting all the midi on the grid, I can select all the relevant notes and then set the channel. This method only provides the visual effect desired after the fact though. If I were to then drag one of those notes to a crash or a snare, it would still be on the channel I set for the hi-hat.

So, is there away to set things up so that any note thrown on CC#52 (E3) is automatically Channel 2, whether its written directly onto 52 or if its dragged in from somewhere else? And then of course do that 6 or 7 times over...one channel for kicks, snares, crashes, rides etc etc etc. That way if I write in a note on the snare, it might be blue...if I then drag it to the hi-hat, it turns green, so on & so forth.

I'm guessing there's not, but this would DEFINITELY help me process my drum midi easier when I'm looking at things. Mostly for easily spotting misplaced notes. The midi-mapping for superior drummer is absolutely erratic, its pretty easy to drop something in the wrong spot.
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