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Default Kontakt and Yamaha DGX-640


I've recently started tinkering with the kontakt player and a number of free VST's therein and playing them with my DGX-640 as a controller. Small problem there.

The velocity seems...off. When i play the keys with my mouse, they're (obviously) played at a 100% strength, but even pressing very firmly on my keyboard, i only get perhaps a meager 30-50% from the keypress. My velocity curve in kontakt on the instrument (on the wrench button) is linear, from 0-100 (default). If i adjust it to linear at 100, i get better sound but obviously the entire curve is no longer a curve, just a line.

What do i need to do to bring the velocity curve to a level where i can actually play my instruments comfortably?

thanks in advance!
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