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Default "disable power management"-setting


after some weeks off I've just experienced that the cpu usage of my reaper projects is 10-15% above what it used to be. firstly, I was not sure if I remembered that wrong but I can tell that the average cpu usage used to be around 5%, now it was 15-20% with just some tracks (< 10) with FX loaded and transport stopped. I tried to find out what the reason was and eventually discovered that when I activate the "disable power management"-setting cpu usage goes down again to around 5-8%.

I didn't find a related entry in the recent changelogs so maybe this different behaviour came with an update of my system (antergos/arch).

did anybody experience the same?

even if the problem seems to be solved when changing the said option I don't understand this aspect very well. furthermore, I figured out by chance that using e. g. Geraint's js plugins (https://geraintluff.github.io/jsfx/) I have to uncheck the "disable power management"-setting to avoid cpu usage increase unusually. so now, practically, if I wanted to use my usual plugins (mostly native vst(i)s) as well as Geraint's jsfx I'd have to live with my machine being demanded a higher cpu load as usual.

I'm a little confused. if anybody could share her/his experience, knowledge, links etc. ... thanks!! :-

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