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Default Monitoring Problem

...when using EZ Keys.
I'm sure I haven't had this problem before although it's been a while since I used EZKeys BUT...
I'm playing a Roland Juno-D into my PC via a midi-to-USB input. I can now only hear what I'm playing when recording by turning the monitoring ON - and get a nasty dose of latency when I do. Previously, I'm sure I could previously just record and hear sufficiently (not great, but adequately and without the latency) without turning the monitoring on.
The only thing that I am doing differently from what I recall is that I'm using one of the rear USB ports on my PC instead of one of the two on the front. But that shouldn't make a difference should it?
It's odd, when I play the keyboard with "record" set up, the level meter moves but only on one side, almost like it's not all going in. But when I turn the monitoring on, I get the both sides registering as I play.
Any ideas (assuming that all makes sense of course!)??
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