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Default Carla interface not loading?

Howdy, a few months back I got carla working in native Linux Reaper on my machine running Ubuntu 18.04.2 so that I could load VST's and it worked perfectly. I didn't mess with it for a month or two and, now that I'm back to it, it's not loading the carla plugin correctly. When I add Carla to a track, it's added on the left side of the FX screen, but no interface is shown. (I actually forget if the interface opened up in a separate window but, either way, it's not showing up.)


Any ideas on why this would be the case? Anyone having a similar issue? Unfortunately, it's been long enough since I messed with it last that I can't be sure what's changed and what hasn't. I'm 96% sure I've updated reaper since then, and have updated other programs via apt also.

Thanks for any help!
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I hope y'all don't mind the bump after a while. I'd really like to get back up and running, and am not sure what to do to get there. I have noticed that, after I open carla, I can change the size of the plugin window and get this funky effect:


Though I don't know if that helps at all.

Should I try uninstalling and Reinstalling Reaper? Is there a clean way to do that on Linux when I've installed using the script that installs it to opt? Should I try uninstalling and reinstalling Carla? Can I be sure that apt will do the job with purge? Or should I remove the ppa as well?

Thanks for any guidance. I'm happy to provide any information I can, and would love to tip whoever can help me with 5 bucks worth of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), just to show that it's worth something to me. (I do realize that that amount of money might not actually appropriately compensate someone for the effort that would go into helping me through this.)

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Do you have LinVST installed? If not, I would recommend installing it to use as your VST/VSTi bridge for running Windows plugins. It's pretty transparent making Windows plugins act pretty much like they do in Windows. As far as REAPER goes, unless you installed it into an area that requires elevated privileges, it should be OK.
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