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Hi. I'm new to Reaper. I've been evaluating for almost a year. I haven't paid
for the program yet. I can't seem to get the program sound to work on playback. Does this have anything to do with my exceeding the evaluation time period?

Thanks for your help.
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Greetings, and welcome to the forums. The Reaper demo is fully functional, and never expires - buying the license is just the right thing to do if you are still using it after the eval time is up. So that wouldn't be the problem here - more info needed. Operating system, version of Reaper, audio interface and configuration in Reaper for a start. And just a simple test - drag a .wav file into Reaper (or create a track and from the top menu, insert/media file), hit play - what happens?

Be sure to check out the excellent user guide, and here's a link to the (somewhat outdated) quick start. Hope this helps!
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