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Default 4.7 pops and clocks

There's probably several threads regarding this situation but I must have been searching with the wrong keywords because I couldn't find any help - so...

I've used an earlier version of Reaper 4.2 - and it worked well with no issues. This is on an XP partition with 3.5MB RAM and an i5 3.2GHz processor. This partition also runs Sonar 8.5.3 with no issues. The audio interface is a Layla 3G using ASIO drivers.

As I stated, the earlier version of Reaper worked with no issues, but I decided to try out 4.7 and I'm getting pops and clicks on playback (haven't tried record yet). I've tried raising the Layla buffers to over 8000 samples (normally run at 256) but that didn't affect the pops/clicks. I'm guessing that there is an audio configuration that I need to change, and I did some research and tried a few changes in Audio/Device and Audio/Buffering but the changes had no affect on the pops/clicks.

Will someone please walk me through my setting to help determine what is causing the pops/clicks? Thanks.
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Did you ever find an answer I'm having the same issue
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What happened to the clocks?
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You might find this helpful:
Learning Manuals and Reaper Books
REAPER Unleashed - ReaMix - REAPER User Guide
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