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Default How to compose in MIDI with a soundfont

So I've only just started to use reaper, and I was wondering how I can compose a file like the ones featured on this page:


Here is what I'm specifically looking for:
I would like to export to a single MIDI file, and when played, I would like to have different instruments played over top of each other.

The samples are meant to be played with a specific soundfont, and they provide a download for it in an .sf2 file format. If possible, I would like to be able to compose and listen to my audio track using this soundfont, but if this is too complicated, I really just need to be able to export a MIDI file that uses different instruments.
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There are different ways to do this...

Get a vsti sf2 player. There are plenty of free ones...
i’ve used tx16wx...

Put the midi on a track however you want - import or play and record, add the vsti as an effect and load the sf2. Copy the midi to another track, add the sf2 player and a second sf2. Could probably route the midi from track 1 to track 2 also...

I have added multiple vstis on a single track played by midi but putting instruments on different tracks gives me greater flexibility in controlling the sound; say adding reverb to one sound but not the other... multiple instances of a vsti sf2 player or another vsti on the same track might or might not work... sometimes there are issues or conflicts of some sort...
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