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Default Bridging plugins not persistent per instance

I found, that bridging type selection is not being applied per plugin instance (as I would expect). Instead it's being applied all instances of specific plugin
Here is scenario:

1. Insert new track with a Synth1(64bit) bridged as Dedicated Process
2. Insert another track with Synth1(64bit) run as Native
3. Save and close the project
4. Open project, to figure out all instances of Synth1 plugins runs in native mode.

Simply it seems that bridging mode of recently added plugin overrides all other its instances which is applied at next project load.

Is it wanted behaviour or a glitch? I found no information about it in manual. As mentioned before I would expect opposite behaviour.

However as side effect, this behaviour brings possibility which would be not possible (AFAIK) without it. I mean ability of change of bridging way without need of fiddling with plugin presets.
Simply if you want to change it, just load the same plugin into another track using desired bridging mode. Reload the project and here you go: all instances of the plugin are running in new mode.

BTW I have to bridge even 64bit plugin in case it doesn't support high dpi properly (I have 4K monitor). Then, while bridged, it gets scaled by windows engine. Yes, it gets a bit blurred but at least is big enough to operate it. The same plugin run natively, might be small in unacceptable way.

with regards

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