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Default [BUG] Exporting as MIDI 0 creates bad content

Hey Guys.

I tried to export project as MIDI 0, and find it results in bad content.

* Download the project:

* Open chengdu-no-audio.RPP

* Export MIDI file as Format 0 with the options shown as below:

** Here we get chengdu-no-audio.mid (also included in the zip file)

* New an empty Reaper Project and Drag the exported MIDI file into the project, using the following options:

And then it tells me the project has 13 MIDI channels inside!

* Click OK and the project seems terrible like this:

And look at the Event list, I found this(Note Pitch is not parsed):

And this (CC type is not parsed):

And finally this (PolyAfter is seldom used in MIDI, and surely this project didn't use it at all):

However, Export as MIDI 1 will make all things right.

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