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Default MIDI - MTC - Sync Problems

Hi, posted this in the Q&A forum, but got no replies, thought I'd try here

I have a sequencer on a Yamaha keyboard synced up via MTC to a reaper project using SMPTE timecode generator in the Reaper project. The sync works OK , but I find that the MIDI file does not seem to play the first bar or two, so to get all my program changes and control codes to work properly I have to move these to bar 2 or 3, this aint much fun on a live gig as usually bar1 = set control codes, program changes, bar2 = 4 clicks to drummer, bar3 = 4 clicks from drummer to band, bar5 = song actually starts. So now the song may not start until about bar 6 or 7, can anyone explain to me what i can do to fix this?, thanks, DGJ
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