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Default What About Tile?

What about Tile that looks like hardwood floors?

I don't want carpet or wood since they are subject to spills and I have 2 cats who sometimes toss their cookies!

I also don't want vinyl floors. They are fine (I have one in my bedroom) but I'll be upgrading that room to tile as well.

Tile is long lasting, non toxic, and something I'd prefer.

Now, the rest of the room will be sound proofed AND I can even have some nice big area rugs to go over the tile.

It will be used for mixing and recording vocals, acoustic and electric guitars. However, amps can all go into another room which will kill keep the sound down.



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"Best" is subjective, I would guess. I have concrete with gloss sealer and area rugs. It's a large space, so that was my "best" option financially.
I like carpet in bedroom sized spaces. It's soft under foot and it's less reflective. But my chair doesn't roll around very well and some stands and pedals wobble too much.
I had industrial carpet in one space. It was okay. Maybe a compromise of the best and worst traits of regular carpet and bare concrete.
My preference is real wood with small rugs if the area is living room size or bigger.
I've never had laminate wood in any of my music spaces, but I've installed it several times. I HATE the way it sounds when I walk on it and I can't imagine any benefit the recording process. It looks nice, though.
Tile, like ceramic tile, would be similar to concrete, but I wouldn't want to deal with the grout lines...personal preference.
I would be fine with Linoleum or sheet vinyl.
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