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Jack Winter
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Default REAPER for Linux Documentation - Discussion thread

Hi there,

I created the REAPER for Linux Documentation thread and closed it immediately as I wanted a thread with just documentation but no discussion so that things wouldn't get lost. Still I was expecting there to be some discussions about it, which never happened.

I've created this thread to rectify my apparent failure Please feel free to comment on the content of the above thread, and please let me know what you would like to see added. Being a Linux user for so many years, there are many things that I take for granted that probably are very mysterious to a Linux newbie.

I don't have much time and make no promises, but it ought to be possible to expand on the above thread as I'm sure there are many topics that would interest the newbie. Still I'd want it to be mostly Reaper specific and not general Linux or distro specific information.

Alternatively if you want to help, please post articles that I could add to the above thread.

Thanks in advance,
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I scanned through the doc and thought it was pretty clear and concise. I also double checked some of my system while reading it, and became aware of "libSwell-user.colortheme" while there.

I hadn't paid much attention to that one, but remember seeing it while getting other things working. Pretty cool stuff!!! Looks better than it did in Windows now!

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i'll offer a tip that's helped me: back up your .bash_history file or its equivalent in your distro.

when making major changes, like migrating from windows or osx to linux, i do so on a fresh drive so i can keep my original system drive as a backup in case i can't get things working in the new setup. that way i can always pop the old drive back in and proceed as if nothing had been done.

that said, i seem to be successfully running a kxstudio setup now. it took quite a few experiments with distro/desktop environment combinations before i could arrive at a working system.

i made a backup of my .bash_history file and edited it down to only the relevant commands that worked to set up my system. having that as a reference helped a lot in getting things set up as there are a lot of recommendations that involve command line input.

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Thumbs up

Everything is cristal clear to me. Don't miss a thing.

I made a copy to have offline. Everything is on my One Plus 2 phone with the excellent app Epsilon.

Thank you.
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