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Default Convert MSG to WAV file?

I recorded many song idea sound recordings on my Ipaq (years ago....I don't have it anymore) which saved itself as a "note" in Outlook which has a .msg tail. How do I convert this into a .mp3 or .wav? Any ideas? When I load up a note which is supposed to have a sound recording to it it only loads gibberish in whatever prog I've tried. MS Outlook, 2 other file viewers, MS Word and Notepad.

From my net investigation I found that msg usually relates to a message file or note in MS Outlook. So, I installed the 2007 version of Outlook I had and it read 2 of them that didn't have sound attached, but not any of the others with a sound recording played (the others have a sound recording attached somehow and I don't know how to get at it!!! One place said to open in notepad and I'd be able to see the soundfile within but no such luck.

One place said this below...would REAPER or AUDACITY convert these files as they say Music Match Jukebox and itunes will (neither of which I have)? I tried having REAPER open the msg file renamed .wav but it just said audio offline.

From a quick search it seems like MMJ won't run in W7 unless in some kind of compatibility mode. I may have my wife try itunes for me tonight...
>>>Music Match Jukebox
Open MusicMatch on your desktop and select "File">"Options">"Convert" in the program's main menu.
Select "WAV" from the "Destination Data Type" drop-down menu and click your MSG file in the "Source Directory Window."
Click a folder to send your WAV file to in the "Destination Directory" window.
Click "Start" to convert and send the file.
Open the program and drag your MSG file onto the main page.
Click "Edit">"Preferences" in the main menu.
Select "Import Settings" in the "Preferences" menu.
Click "Import Using: WAV Encoder" and select "OK."
Click on your file and select "Create WAV Version." Allow the new version to upload to your iTunes page.
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Any ideas?
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After I searched for a couple hours my friend found it just like that! Here's the answer just in case anyone else has this problem;

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I registered just so I could post my response of appreciation.

I had been looking for a converter for my .msg files that I had recorded back in 2004 using my Dell Axim. I used the online tool that you suggested, and it worked like a charm! THANK YOU!!

Thank you not only for finding the solution... but also for taking the time to come back in and post the solution. All too often I find threads like this on the Internet that are so similar to what I am looking for... only to find that the OP never states how/if their issue was ever resolved.
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