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Default Quickest Way To Edit Voice Overs?

I've been doing a lot of voice overs & audiobooks lately and editing them is taking a huge amount of time. I'm wondering if there are any tricks I can do in reaper to speed up the editing process.

To start with I used a dog clicker to mark good paragraphs and bad (1 click is good, 2 clicks is bad).
I have an action setup that allows me to do a time selection of the bad parts click a button on my mouse and delete the area in the time selection. I used this system for a good while.

Today, I started using a new system, but I'm not sure it's faster or better.
I set up a script to allow me to press "B" and put a blue marker while recording and of course "M" puts a red one. I then use an action to split the item at the markers and manually go through and delete the regions before the blue markers. Then I use the Auto Trim to clean up each of the good regions.

Is there any way to do this all faster or more efficiently? Could I somehow mark and delete while recording? Is there a way to move items a set distance apart?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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