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Default recommedatins for interfaces

hi all. just wondered if i could get some recommedations for interfaces, i have the 2i2 and want to upgrade for more inputs,i just want to progress my hobby. i was looking at the soundcraft 12 mtk. does anyone have experience with it good/bad or recommend an alternative. the soundcraft is slightly over my budget but if it gets good results i can afford it and sell the 2i2 unfortunatly its 1st gen
thanks all
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i was looking at the soundcraft 12 mtk.
That's more than just an interface. It's also a mixer. I'd say that's a good thing because one of the things I'd look for is zero-latency monitoring and you always get that with a mixer.

Note that most USB mixers only send the stereo mix to the USB port so shop carefully. (The MKT seems to be an exception.)
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don't know that product but looked it up...

I would not want it myself really since software like reaper these days let's you do most of what that does in the DAW

I'd rather have the best audio interface I can afford and it has to include midi and has to have good driver support...

IMO, RME is hands down the way to go but pricey... [and worth it].... that said, we have found some good ones on ebay at about half the normal list price and they have been unused, new units....
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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i was looking at the soundcraft 12mtk as i have been asked on a few occasions if i could record multi drums etc or numerous acoustic guitars. a dip of the toe into recording for someone elses band.
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I've made a few recordings now off the 22 MTK and I have to admit that the mic preamps and the AD converters are very good for such a cheap board/interface. Sounds very pro. Cheap stuff will classically step on the sound unless your preamp level is absolutely perfect (and if the incoming signal is too dynamic and/or too low, you're screwed). This board isn't doing that.
A lot of bang for the buck with the 12 MTK for $350 or the 22 MTK for $600. I think these are the only lower budget combo analog board + audio interface models that include a full interface and not just a 2 in x 2 out.

Only consider this for the lightest live sound duties though! Very small room club with interest in recording or rehearsal room. The channel eq is limited and there are no dynamics (save cheesy limiters built into the first 6 channels). The built-in fx are nearly useless.

The base latency is a bit on the high side. A good interface for live sound work will let you get around 6 - 8ms round trip with a block size of 128 samples. This one was around 14ms at 128 samples!! You'd need a decent machine (no netbooks or light weight web browsing laptops) if you wanted to use this as an interface for running live sound with the computer.

The mixer part is fully analog too just to be clear. This is NOT a control surface and could never be used as such.

I had a small club purchase one of these. It's a very small room for jazz. During the weekdays when I'm not around, they needed an old school analog board because the owner and a couple others there are NOT trainable on anything digital or computer related. Not even a little bit!

I'll just add that this unit seems delicate. Not B-word product level of cheapness or anything like that. But delicate. Don't go throwing it down the stairs and expect it to survive like a Peavy would! (It sounds light years better than anything by Peavy FYI!)

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I don't own one myself and generaly I would suggest to stay away from behringer but since they acquired Midas and change their preamps for Midas preamps, and also the drivers have been supposedly corrected, I think it's worth checking into it:


The HD are the ones you want. If they really have put their sh*t togheter with noisy preamps and drivers are solid, there is a chance this could be the best bang for the bucks. The recent comments I have read about users they claim to be satisfied with this card compared to a previous model. Keep your receipt in case for any interface sometimes it just does'nt work with a particular computer.

EDIT: funny, there is another thread going on about people having problems with it so yeah, do keep your receipt.

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I use Soundcraft Notepad 12. 4in/2 out. Reliable, great sound (it saturates very nicely), never skips a beat, runs absolutely without any problems.
If it broke I'd run immediately and get another without even thinking of anything else. For me it's worth every Penny and more.
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Uphoria 1820 is the cheapest you would get for the price. Highly recommend. If interested check Thomann. 8 ready to use Midas preamps with upgradable ADAT inputs upto 8 more inputs that's total of 16 you get. Very clean preamps for the price.
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I've been using an RME Fireface 800 and then a Fireface UFX for a long time now. I can't say enough good about them. If you can afford RME, go for it.
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I've used the Lynx e44 for sometime now. Absolutely pleased and its rock solid reliable. Especially good at low latency monitoring. Like RME, if you an afford it and it has the features you want, it will perform.
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Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

8 mic pres allows me to record drums along with guide vox and guitars live.

I really like it.
Have a GOOD time....ALL the time !
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