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Default I got a question about EQing individual instruments

I have pre-recorded music that I sing to. For each song, each instrument is recorded sepertely which enables me to put each instrument on it's own track. In several of the YouTube videos I have been watching about EQing, I have heard different people making a case for EQing each track seprately and some say to EQ them in the context of the mix.

What is your opinion? What do you say are the PROS and CONS of doing it either way?
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For the most part, you should EQ in the context of the full mix. That's what the listener is hearing, not the solo guitar, so if there's some weirdness in the pick attack that stands out in solo but not with the whole mix going... who cares? You could spend all day cleaning up every bit of fizz and whistle in a distorted guitar, so it sounds PERFECT, and then find that in the full mix it sounds dull and lifeless. Likewise, a guitar might sound great by itself but end up cluttering the bass frequencies in the full mix. You have a bass guitar and a kick, so it would be silly to EQ the guitar's low end without hearing them as well.

That said, when you hear something that needs EQ in the full mix it can be easier to switch to solo while you find exactly what frequency and Q will fix it, then switch back to the full mix to figure out how MUCH to boost/cut.
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