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Default Default Midi input/track settings?

Hi folks...

I remember, ages ago, making an feature request regarding default track settings.
Essentially I'd like to set up a track exactly how I'd like it (MIDI input, audio input etc etc etc) and set that to be the default for any newly created track.

Is that actually possible yet?

I realise there are many things you can set for the default behavior.. but not that MIDI input yet it seems ... unless I'm missing something (entirely probable).
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Although you can change the default Track Record Config via Preferences > Project > Track/Send Defaults, you can only set up Default Tracks to have either MIDI or Audio inputs this way.

So if you want different default Track settings for MIDI and Audio Tracks, have a look at using for instance (a combination of) Track Templates and Custom Actions (and load Tracks via those).
In addition, using the SWS Resources might also be useful.
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