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Default Apogee Maestro + Reaper Sample Rate Question

Having a sort of strange issue between my sound card settings and Reaper.

In the Project Settings of Reaper I have my sessions set to 96 kHz, yet teh readout at the top displays 44.1 kHz, I'm on an Apogee Duet interface - and when I open the sound card softward 'Apogee Maestro' the sample rate reads out at 44.1, however if I switch the setting to 96 or 192 or any other option then close it out, it doesn't appear to have saved? If I open Maestro it defaults back to 44.1.

Im just concerned this is going to cause some issues with Reaper in the long term if I want to work with higher sample rates, any one have any ideas?

EDIT: solved - if anyone has the same issue with Reaper + maestro, make sure your driver is set to ASIO and not WASAPI or whatever other option you get, you can manually type in the sample rate in the box there in preferences and it will override the Maestro software and allow you to select whatever sample rate you're working with.

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