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Default Note trigger and length, OSC to Pure Data.

Hello. I'm trying to get my head around sequencing a Pure Data patch using Reaper. What I want to do is have Reaper transfer a note, trigger and length over OSC.

I already found a thread on this forum explaining how to make a dummy JS plugin to have some automation-ready sliders to sequence.

What I've already tried is just transfer the midi on, midi off and midi note information via a midi channel from reaper to pure data, but I've run into some issues. The midi channel will trigger at both note on and note off. I tried to get around this by connecting it to a toggle and select object, so that it only triggers at the note on message, but the timing is pretty off when doing this. It will lag quite significantly.

Is there a way to transfer information about a midi clip from reaper to pure data? The note being played, the length of the single note and a trigger? When monitoring the incoming OSC data, I can't see anything regarding midi, only the usual information about tracks, envelopes, time, tempo, samples and so forth.

Thank you.
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Could the noticeable time lag be due to the block size being too big?
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