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Default No input from midi controller

I've never used a midi controller before. I have my Nord Electro 4 connected to an Akai EIE audio interface via midi cables. In Reaper, I have my track armed, record monitoring on, and the track's input set to Midi > EIE > all channels. I have the EIE enabled as an input and output device in Preferences in Reaper. I have a VST selected which works fine with the piano roll. But Reaper doesn't seem to be detecting any signal from my midi controller.

Any suggestions?
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Disable the Akai as an output midi device (keep it as an input)

Do you see the track meter moving whenever you're playing your keyboard?
Also try sending all midi inputs to bus1/channel1 (right click track input to achieve this)

And double check your cable routing from Nord to Akai.
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Just tried disabling the EIE midi output. Also tried setting the midi input to channel 1 and double checking the midi cable connections (Nord midi output to EIE input, and vice versa). Still no signal. The track meter shows nothing.
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It might also be worth making sure you have MIDI set up correctly in the Electro 4 itself. It needs to be set to use the USB out rather than the DIN plugs and have a channel number selected. And if you're trying to use the controls in Reaper not just the keyboard then you'll need to switch Local mode OFF (according to the online manual).

Can you try the keyboard with a different program, perhaps something like Audacity, to make sure it is working ?

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