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Talking sound issue with korg m50

Hello, I am having an issue with my korg m50 sound. I am using the m50 as a midi controller and have the 8 knobs configured and working as I play various VST's, No issues there, I can hear sound. I am trying to use the m50 keyboard itself but cant get the sound going. I did read about sound issues but no avail. I do have the record button armed and the monitor is on. When I press a key the meter for the track rises and so does the master meter. I know that reaper is receiving the notes but I need help trying to get the m50 going. I also tried the realtime control and the external on the m50 also. I just cant figure it out, the VST's work great. I have a midisport uno connect with in out midi to the m50 and in the laptop with a usb. I am using an hp 2000 with windows 8. Thank you.

Update with my info:
I have realtec driver and just uploaded AIOSforall driver. It is showing up in reapers audio device section. I found out that the korg (as a stand alone keyboard)will work supposedly with reaper using a 14 in to 1/8 plug into the left mic input on the laptop. It does show the red meter and is receiving a signal but no sound.I still cant it the configuration correct. I just purchased a new roland synth arriving week am I afraid this issue will interfere with it too. Any kind of help is appreciated I'll be very grateful.

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Hi and welcome to the forums!

Did you set the M50 for both Enabled and Control ?

If that is gobbledegook to you, download the free User manual, watch some of the many free videos and learn about setting up MIDI controller and keyboard devices.
With any luck the guy who wrote the manual will be along to tell you where to look shortly!
He keeps funny hours though due to living in the antipodes....

And of course if you are still stuck, come back and ask some more.
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Default korg m50 issue midi

Thanks Ivan. Yes the m50 is enabled and control set. I am using windows 8 waveout and soundmapper for in and out.
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