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Default Who to send a Win 10 Dump File to?

I have a new Ryzen 3700x build, Windows 10, 64GB ram, all SSD's. So far on this new build Reaper has frozen/hanged every time I work on an existing project that does have quite a few plugins and about 100 tracks. I have not tried any new projects from scratch yet so it could very well be due to a buggy plugin in my existing project. It started out as an a Reaper hang every hour that I would have to force close until I reset Reaper to default settings and now it happens less frequent but at least once nearly every session, so at least once each time I use it for more than a 3 hour session (mixing the same project). Nothing else on my system hangs, just Reaper. The last time Reaper froze I created a dump file in Windows 10 for Reaper. I have downloaded a program that reads dump files but I'm not smart enough to understand it. It would be great if someone could read this file and tell me what's causing the hang. Is it hardware related or just a buggy plugin? Any help would be appreciated.
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Please zip it up, post it somewhere private, and send a link to support at cockos dot com. Thanks!
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