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Default list plugins that cause stuck notes...

A thread in general discussion got me thinking...

I experience stuck notes very frequently in Reaper. I was thinking of starting this thread where people could list plugins that cause stuck notes.

It's definitely only certain plugins that are prone to them, but these plugins don't do it in other DAWs. Maybe if we list enough offenders it will aid Cockos in tracking down the issue?

for me:

Izotope Iris 2

I know there are others but I can't think of them right now, I will report back if I do.
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I could add Synth1, Surge, plugins from Electrostudio... but I don't think it's particular plugin related issue. If so, then most of plugins are affected. Just use search to find a lot of reports since years ago.

In Reaper, the issue sometimes appear during gluing items. In such cases it's obvious that some MIDI messages are missing. But sometimes it comes from recorded but unmodified midi items. Those two I experienced myself. Read mentioned contributions for more details.
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