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Default High Pitched Noise Takes Over After ~10 minutes

Hi. My setup has worked great until I began my most recent recording.

Now when I open Reaper and begin listening to the songs (happens on any of the 7 separate projects involved in this recording) or recording in any of the projects, most of the tracks will cut out and a high pitched sustained squeal will sound around 10 minutes into my work.

I can usually hear one or two of the tracks continue to play, usually the guitars, sometimes the bass. The drums almost always cut out, and often the bass, to be replaced with the high pitch. It is a sustained, constant frequency and continues until I load a different project or reload the current one. Then everything is back to normal for about 10 more minutes. My CPU usage sits at about 69% while working. I don't get any red max-out CPU flashes.

I am using a 2006 Mac Mini with OSX 10.6.8 with an upgraded SSD.

To try and solve the problem, I:

1. changed to a brand new, shorter FireWire cable.
2. did a fresh install of the OS, Reaper, MOTU drivers and all my plugins.
3. reset the 828 to its factory settings.

My recording interface is a MOTU 828mkii Firewire.

I can post a video if that helps, unless someone can identify my problem based on this information. I can't tell if it is hardware or software, but I'm beginning to think hardware. I really hope not

Thank you!
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