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Default very laggy GUI when 20+ tracks

Im reaper freak and totally love it (been there since v3 or so), but lastly I have issue that drives me crazy.

Reaper became very slow when i have more than 20 tracks.
I think that words "very slow" are subjective, so I recorded video with my phone to show you for example how many time it takes from hitting "S" to actually split item. Also moving items is slow. What works OK is dragging edge of item, or stretching it.
here is video:

What I have tried:
- turning off all scripts running in background
- messing with audio buffering settings
- messing with cpu, priority, agressiveness, advanced cpu settings in general tab
- changing peaks display mode
- changing theme
- changing display (! because I got 4k display recently and thought that maybe its the issue, but on older problem exists)
- disabling all fx, master fx, monitor fx..
- downgrading up to REAPER v5.979, also upgrading to newest prerelease
- clean portable install + importing previously saved config
- lot of other stuff

- Reaper portable clean install - then it works perfectlly with the same project
- deleting reaper.ini

But I really really don't want to start from 0. I builded my config few years now and I have lot of tweaks sooo....
Is anybody able to help me? I paying gold guys...

Here is my reaper.ini in case it helps

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Human being with feelings
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for posterity......

Managed to solve that :O

Still a bit laggy when resizing track height (when more than 20 or so tracks), but now I can frelly move items or split them.
I knew that clean reaper.ini solves problem, so I searched by deleting few hundreds of lines and narrow this interval until I found....

This lines I deleted to get it works:

f..ck logick huh?
My PC: Dual CPU Intel Xeon x5660, 42GB RAM, GTX 750Ti
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