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Default Problem getting glitches or audio dropouts on Mac

I'm getting audio dropouts both during playback in Reaper, and in the mp3 files I export, though the dropouts are not in the same places, or follow any repeatable timing or pattern.

I'm using Reaper version 5.973 and am getting a lot of glitches, or audio dropouts. I've not updated to 5.980 as 5.973 has worked in the past.

I'm using it on my MacBook with Sierra (v10.12.6), which isn't the most powerful Mac, but have used Reaper extensively in the past with no problems, on similar episodes of the podcast I'm working on.

Recently, I have installed Python and Anaconda, although I wouldn't expect that to pull from any audio processing resources.

So I'm curious if there's a way to troubleshoot this issue, or a way to start the computer with a minimal set of resources that will enable it to process the audio smoothly.

I use a MacBook with no mouse
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Take a look at Activity Monitor when you get a glitch. See if you're maxing CPU or ram. If yes, there's your problem then. Maybe have to start freezing tracks with hungry plugins. Or maybe it's some operator error like running at low latency when it isn't required (eg not doing live sound) and using up resources that way.

If not, investigate for possible buggy 3rd party plugins.

Got a SSD in that machine? If you were still running with the original 5400rpm HDD, that would be a bottleneck.
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What is your audio block size (audio buffer) set to?
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