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Default FX Chain, undo history and project [modified]

There is definitely some weirdness happening with the FX Chain window.

REAPER 4.721 32 bit on widows 7 64 bit.

Unmodified factory portable install.


Start a project, open the Undo History window. Add one track, open the FX Chain for the track. Close it.

Undo History should now have 3 entries

Close FX chain: Track 1
Add New Track
Initial State
Now save the project. Let's call it 'FX Chain Undo History weirdness'

Open and close the FX Chain window again. The project is set [modified] in the Title Bar and the project tab if multiple projects are open has and asterix: *FX Chain Undo History weirdness.

But there is no entry in Undo History.

Select and deselect the track. These go into the Undo History. Save the project. Open and close the FX Chain window. Project is set [modified] etc...

End Steps
It wouldn't worry me except that this FX Chain weirdness is manifesting in any project with an open FX chain window (for me that's every project) when I switch project tabs. On switching tabs the FX Chain apparently gets closed and can add an entry to the Undo History. Sometimes not, either way project is always set [modified]

This causes me to lose track of saved and unsaved projects in sessions when I work with multiple project tabs, and costing valuable time in re-saving things that haven't been modified.

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