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Default How do you set up Reaper to receive Bulk Send?

I gotta give you this heart breaking story:

I have to put together a CD for one of my artists, so I turn to my Edirol PCR 50 for some midi controlling. Canc that! 40% of the keys aint workin. So I dismantle the darn thing and break out my eraser to clean the contacts put it back together and now only 20% of them work. A few months later I try it again, same results.

I then turn to my daughters trusty ole Radio Shack Concertmate 990 aka Casio CTK-601 (they are the exact same keyboards) which has midi capabilities. I purchased an M-Audio Uno 1x1 MIDI to USB cable, thinking I've solved all my troubles. NOPE! I can't get it to do a darn thing in REAPER aside from blink a few lights on the GUI and I hear a random tone every now and then but nothing I can make music with. So I'm think in it has something to do with incompatibility with the "General Midi" version mapping or some crap. I probably made that term up just now.

Trying to solve my problem, I committed adultry on my marriage to REAPER and got FL STudio thinking that would do the trick. Same problem. So I read the manual to the doggone keyboard looking for another option. ONBOARD RECORDING!!!! Thats what I'll do, I'll use the keyboard's own memory functions to play the keyboard parts on the keyboard and use the keyboard's own multichannel mixer to save it on the keyboard's memory. THEN I'll just send that data to REAPER/FL Studio using the Bulk Send/Bulk Receive feature. Still didn't work. Obviously because I don't know how to set REAPER to Midi Receive (if thats what you call it.

So my question is, how can I put REAPER in Midi Receive Mode so that I can Bulk Send MIDI data from my keyboard for it to be received by REAPER and show up as a MIDI track in REAPER? I know thats old fashion as the dickens but someone HAS to have had to do resort to this before.

Thanks in advance
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