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Default Change parent channel routing on multiple selected tracks at the same time?

Is there any way to change the parent channel send for multiple tracks at the same time? I have a number of tracks that I was bussing to the surround channels (5-6), but need to change them to LR/1-2. I haven't been able to find an action or script that will let me do this, nor does any keyboard/mouse modifier seem to let me open routing settings for more than one track at a time.
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It sounds like you're asking about track channel routing as opposed to send/receive routing?

Shift-command-drag to route send/receive from multiple selected tracks. Or Shift-command-click for a menu to select the destination. The same works in reverse from multiple receive tracks.

I don't know how to do that from multiple selected tracks but with the track channel routing... But I'd like to know as well!
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