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Default control tempo via MIDI

Since Reaper can't be a slave to an external MIDI clock, is it possible to adjust tempo BPM via MIDI CC? I'm looking in "Actions list," but I don't see anything that takes the absolute value of a CC value and adjusts the tempo to match, they seem to do it via a percentage (coarse or fine). I know I'll only get 0-127, but I can offset that to what I want, or try OSC.

I'm using TidalCycles to send MIDI with Reaper as a VST host, I'd like to make tempo changes via this and have Reaper along with VSTs I have hosted in sync with that.
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Not possible.
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Reaper can slave to an external clock. It supports reading SPP and MTC.

You would need a device to convert the MIDI clock into one of those formats (even though the names sound similar, MTC is not the same as MIDI clock pulses, IIRC).

I had a $50 box from Guitar Center that I used to convert the MIDI clock from my sequencer to MTC and print that onto a tape track so that I could sync the tape deck and sequencer together. I think I may have actually used that box to sync Reaper to the tape deck back when tape was #1 and Reaper was #2. Now the tape deck's been in the closet for 10+ years, and the little MTC converter is long gone.

EDIT: Actually ... you might not need a converter after all. Check out this section in the User Guide: "23.8 Slaving REAPER to MIDI Sequencer Software".
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Action: Set Tempo, Coarse maps CC values 0-127 to bpm 40 - 294. I’ve never used Tidal Cycles, but pseudo code:

function set_tempo(bpm) {
  send_cc_n_with_value((bpm - 40) / 2)
You’d only have to be a little more clever to use the corresponding Fine action in conjunction to get <2bpm resolution.
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So I did get this to work doing the following:

In Options > Preferences > Control/OSC/Web, you can create an OSC device.

Set "f/tempo/raw" as the device name:

# Example: TEMPO f/tempo/raw
# The device sends /tempo/raw 100.351 to change the REAPER tempo to 100.351 bpm.
# REAPER sends /tempo/raw 120 when the tempo changes to 120 bpm.

On the TidalCycles side:

reaperTarget = OSCTarget {oName = "reaper", oAddress = "", oPort = 5050, oPath = "f/tempo/raw", oShape = Just [("reaper", Just $ VS "a")], oLatency = 0.0, oPreamble = [], oTimestamp = NoStamp}
reaper = pF "reaper"

-- total latency = oLatency + cFrameTimespan
tidal <- startMulti [reaperTarget, (superdirtTarget {oLatency = 0.6, oAddress = "", oPort = 57120})] (defaultConfig {cFrameTimespan = 1/5})

Anyway, it's working perfectly for my needs, syncing Reaper's BPM with CPS. Really having a blast with this right now, fluctuating both with oscillators in Tidal.
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