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Default Routing Apollo Twin Console

Is anyone able to point me to a person or tutorial who can help me figure out how to:

1) setup a headphone mix different from my main mix;

and 2)

how to route virtual instruments (e.g., midi piano or Superior Drummer) through the Virtual Instruments channels of Apollo while I am tracking them so I can take advantage of the UAD Unison channel strips for tone and punch?

Regarding question 2, I track a lot of piano. I use my Yamaha as a midi keyboard. It runs through my Roland Quad Capture into my computer (the Apollo doesn't have a midi port so this is my current solution). Typically I have a piano vst on some track receiving the midi-in. And I hit record.

I have heard though that It is possible to somehow route the channel out of the track that contains my piano vst back through the Apollo to take advantage of the Apollo's preamp and coloring. Same question for drums. Routing them through Console/SSL Channel strips when mixing them and rendering them would be great. I just don't know how to set it up.
Ideas or thoughts?
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