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Originally Posted by drumphil View Post
Balanced shielded audio interconnects are usually the solutions to such noise problems. You may have some luck avoiding these issues by doing things the wrong way, using multiple audio devices at the same time so that you can get USB inputs from your pedal while using a different audio device for outputs, but I can't help you with that, and it usually doesn't work.

Well, I ain't no guru, but I can tell you that in windows there is no proper way to synchronize two audio devices that don't have a wordclock link, without some kind of resampling by at least one of the audio devices, or through software resampling. I think Dante is the only system that actually does this.

I seem to remember something about a resampling option in Mac aggregated audio devices (or was that just in soundflower?) to deal with this exact issue.

Although, the old soundblaster and audigy line of sound cards did resampling on the fly in hardware to allow for spdif inputs without having to lock to the clock of one of the spdif inputs.
The resampling option or clocking over the data connection (which is more of a kludge than an intended feature I believe) are simply what you fall back on trying when there's no word clock I/O or digital audio input on one of your devices.

Nowadays there are a lot of budget interfaces with limited connectivity that leave you with no other options when you decide one day to expand and expect to have everything work modular like the pros keep talking about. Such system configs are just as dodgy in OSX too.

I still think the part that gets missed is the clocking. So many people only ever have a single interface... You can go for years not even knowing what "sample rate" means. It's all or nothing with multiple digital devices though! Connect and configure it the one way it can only work and you're golden. Try anything else and/or be unaware of this and it sits there silently mocking you (or maybe sometimes not so silently!)
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Originally Posted by Gaia View Post

i have a question , i have setup reaper to record using Asio and my external audio card (dac)

i have some exansive speaker ,i don't want to connect to my dac but i want to keep connected to my computer

in reaper ,in the dac asio driver output i can't select my computer speakers

is there a way to record using asio and hear via my computer speakers?
I see replies all over the map, but maybe a simple mixer or monitor control switchbox is what you really need.

With a mixer or monitor switchbox you can have both the computer and the external audio device connected to the nice monitors at the same time. When you record in REAPER you hear your external audio device through the speakers and when you mix your project down and play it on the computer, you also hear the computer's audio through the same speakers.

I use a Samson C-Control that has four sets of inputs and have my external audio device in the first set, computer audio in the second set, and an HDTV that is my second video monitor as the third set and all can be playing at the same time through my studio monitors if I want.
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