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Default inverted sidechaining?

i don't know what this is called. but when you typically sidechain the louder the audio control signal (signal triggering compression) the more compression is applied to the target signal. for example when the vocalist sings really loud you duck the guitar the most.

is there a way to invert that? so when the vocalist is extra loud, the guitar gets ducked less. that would make more sense. i bet reaper can do this. i just don's know how. in the past i'd limit the control signal. this is better...but not quite what i'm looking for.
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I've never done this, but try parameter modulation (Chapter 19 in the User Guide), and set it so that louder vocal volume turns down the ratio on the guitar compressor.
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Or modulate the threshold itself. I worry that either of those methods could either cause zipper noise or be too slow depending on the use case, but I've heard of people doing similar things, so it's worth a try.

You could also compress the sidechain a bit more gently rather than actually limiting it.
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- Put ReaGate on the guitars
- Sidechain it from the vocal track
- Use the Dry slider to set the level you want the guitars to be at normally
- Use the Wet slider to add more guitar when the gate is open
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