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Default v5.983 - August 29 2019

v5.983 - August 29 2019
  • + Fadein/fadeout tooltip: fix combined time display [t=224530]
  • + Linux: improve default dialog/font sizes, menu checkmarks
  • + Linux: fix modal rendering window issue [t=224362]
  • + Linux: detect/warn/allow override if numeric locale is set in an incompatible fashion
  • + MIDI: fix overdub/replace recording when using 0x90 note-offs and item velocity adjustment set [t=224549]
  • + Playback: improve scrolling-by-action behavior when auto-scrolling view during playback is enabled
  • + Preferences: remove outdated scrolling option
  • + Project bay: fix comps view (5.975 regression) [t=222183]
  • + ReaScript: Main_openProject() supports noprompt: and template: prefixes [t=221668]
  • + ReaSurround: fix quadraphonic label typo
  • + Save as: fix rounding issue when "trim media" enabled [t=224122]
  • + Subprojects: prevent audio drivers from latently reopening device during subproject renders [t=224498]
  • + Subprojects: allow import of subprojects when auto-background rendering is disabled [t=224569]
  • + Transport: fix display of primary time unit when showing secondary time unit [t=224458]

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Can't wait until we get the performance optimized MCP/TCP and flicker free windows in the stable releases. No stress.

Btw, changelog link seems to be broken.
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Yes, so in which release version will the GUI performance improvements be implemented?
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I updated to 5.983 and my "I" cursor was pretty much invisible when in the arrange view.

I use the default 5.0 theme and I have had to change the "Empty arrange view area" colour and the "Track background (odd & even tracks)" colour in order to be able to see the cursor.
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Am I the only one getting massively increased save-times including autosaves?

EDIT: false alarm, it's not the new version but rather something else.

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Default some bugs

with the new version the SWS does not work, I've tried to reinstall same thing.
Also, minor, I had rewrite the path for my vst 32 and 64 wasn't there... Any help will be appreciate
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Any particular changes on the latest update 5.983 regarding the reaInsert?
Having issues on a busy mix with the mixbus insert, only have a bus compressor and with it on i get a lot of CPU spikes, never happened before! Anyone reporting this issue has well ?
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